Restaurant Architecture in Destin, FL

Restaurant design services you'll love

A restaurant’s main attraction, aside from the food, is its design. Unique restaurant spaces don’t appear out of thin air. Creative architects are enlisted to create one-of-a-kind structures for bars, restaurants and markets. Prescott Architects, Inc. can design a unique building for your restaurant business that will complement your brand and add to the appeal of your distinctive cuisine and atmosphere.

We’ll design a functional space for behind-the-scenes operations and create inviting areas for your patrons to enjoy. Call on Prescott Architects to create your restaurant design.

We work on your restaurant design

There’s a lot to consider before constructing a new bar or restaurant. Prescott Architects will get to know everything about your operation to ensure we are creating a functional and elegant space that complies with Florida building codes. Prescott Architects can create appropriate designs with:

  • Enough space for kitchen equipment and staff
  • Sufficient seating to guarantee liquor license approval
  • Adequate breathing room to ensure patron comfort

Don’t leave your restaurant design to just any architect. Make sure you’re creating the perfect space for your operation. Call our master planners for your restaurant design needs in Destin, FL.